Sunset Trail/Laguna Meadow

Refreshing smells and views permeate this small loop trail in Mt. Laguna (~3 miles).  Most distinctive is a wild honeysuckle bush and the faint hint of vanilla from the pine trees.

Cows can be seen grazing in and around “Little Laguna Lake,” our dogs were not fans of these gentle giants however, they lend a peaceful quality to the scenery.


*All photographs are by MMMoskowitz


Butterflies on the Wind

Sitting in my garden alone and gazing through the myriad wildflowers I’ve cultivated therein, several butterflies swirl in the air.  White, yellow, blue, orange, black and combinations of the same.

They remind me of a story from my paternal grandmother who once told me that the souls of our loved ones come to visit us through the butterflies. The small Blue Copper reminds me of my friend Camryn, the Cabbage White of my maternal grandmother (Mimi), and the Painted Lady of my Great-Grandma Sadie.  This is something that has stuck with me through all of my life, especially after my great grandmother passed away when I was 9 years old.  After that, there were always a profusion of painted ladies in my father’s backyard which makes my belief in the story all the stronger.

Painted Lady
Blue Copper

The Cabbage White has been visiting me often lately and I can’t help but think that my Mimi is pleased by my use of her small garden fence in mine that I so loved as a child.  It brings me peace when I see these lovely butterflies, swirling in my garden.

Cabbage White

*All photographs are by MMMoskowitz


Wildflowers Everywhere

An abundance of wildflowers are blooming! I will never get over the beauty of a patch of wildflowers, and I hope I never will.

Pygmy Linanthus

Coast Indian Paintbrush and Many Flower Linanthus (Phlox Family)

20190601_135029399323881301089910.jpg   Blessed Thistle    20190610_1558345164609063438115925.jpg  Arroyo Lupine


Golden-rayed Pentachaeta

Southern Checker Bloom

20190610_1606555580485492147025.jpg    Western Wallflower


Golden Yarrow


Whisker Brush


Golden Yarrow and Sweet Pea


Field Bindweed – Morning Glory Family


Lewis Flax

20190613_1646527860404050241854103.jpg   Unopened Splendid Mariposa Lily

20190613_1648125572346899587478080.jpg  Diamond Clarkia

Unknown – Possible Onion Family

Woolly Indian Paintbrush

Summer Lupine and Coast Indian Paintbrush


Buckbrush (white bush), Golden yarrow and Southern checker bloom

Winecup Clarkia

Lesser Indian Paintbrush and Winecup Clarkia

Splendid Mariposa Lily

Coast Indian Paintbrush

Clammy Clover

Yellow Monkeyflower


Goldenbowl Mariposa Lily

Yellow-throated Phacelia

*All photographs are by MMMoskowitz