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Slow Sunsets

Walking along the Pine Valley Community Trail in the late afternoon, the sun playing hide & seek in the clouds, I notice the first rays of sunset.  Some sunsets come on quickly, others slowly, this sunset is slow starting with a fast finish.

The air is warm and thick with humidity, the path before me winding through sagebrush and golden yarrow.  The fresh scent of sage brings back memories of camping as a child at Rock Creek Lake and playing with childhood friends.  Nature sounds and scents seem to be able to trigger memories in me like nothing else does.

Glancing up at the sky I see the colors of the sunset deepening to darker, thicker shades of orange and red.  The colors dance across the sky changing imperceptibly unless you look away and look back, then you can notice them.  After much picture taking, we continue down the trail for several more minutes before being captured by the sunset again.  This time the clouds have lost all color except for some mute purples and grays.  The sunset is over that quickly, here for a few minutes only, then gone.


The moon rises in the wake of the sunset and darkness descends.